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Basic/Pro VPN

VPN for Direct Dowload / P2P / Newsgroups
(From 4.99€/mo**)

Open VPN

Heavy crypto vpn / Automatic reconnects
(From 9.99€/mo**)

Flex VPN™

Our "Pay-as-you-go" Exclusive VPN service
(From 0.1€/hour**)


Are you exposed?

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Your ISP : Merck and Co. you are connected from the New Jersey, US area

Make sure your privacy on the Net is protected. We have the best vpn technology to make it happen. We provide PPTP vpn, Open vpn, single and multiple vpn accounts for every usage.

We can also provide secured access, NSA-proof (since more than 3 years now) secured email and secured file storage for all your neeeds (PRISM free and not accessible by anyone except you).

Our Open VPN service is the most advanced and secure out there. We do not rely on a mere login and password authentication like most providers but provide each user with his own unique digital key and certificate pair (PKI) for authentication and military-grade encryption.

We provide several innovative stealth vpn access from any "difficult" country, such as Middle East and China.

Our FREE customer help-desk, in English or French, will make sure your problems or questions will be addressed in a timely and friendly manner.

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